Monthly Archives: May 2012

The eagle has landed…

The first test-fire is complete. All went well, aside from an ill-fitting lid that should easily be fixed with some minor adjustments when everything has cooled down. Final temp on the firing was 2169 (!). I need to get some pots in there next. Then a glaze-test firing.

Slight, red-hot gap is visible when the heat expands the bricks, lifting the lid in front.

Me photographing the red-hot gap, wearing my nifty kaftan and sporting an alien, fun-house-mirror claw hand.



Getting some pots ready for the new kiln. It is not installed yet but should be by Friday.  Then the two-day test fire, then the first bisque fire. These puppies should be dry by then, which will be a nice addition to the piles already waiting patiently on the racks. woo-hoo!