Monthly Archives: June 2012

101 Woonideeen!

Don’t know what the heck that means? (hello, three eee’s?!) It is the name of a lovely Danish magazine and it translates to “101 living ideas.” It includes many clean, simple, elegant, very danish ideas for decorating and handmade DIY. I was chosen by Etsy to be included in their curated insert. My cups made the cut.

wheel with a view

My studio looks out onto the porch, which hangs out into the forest. I have the benefit of the outside sounds, air, and view, without the bugs, which are pretty nuts here in summertime. Animals I have seen here over the years: deer, turkeys, turtles, skunk, squirrels, chipmunks, luna moth, fox, frogs, lizards, and snakes. Neighbors have seen bears. I can’t think of anything else. Don’t even talk to me about spiders, mice, and gnats. But the bird selection is like a chapter out of the Audubon book.

bisque out, word.

Everything looks good. Except the 05 cone fell a little too far. No worries. More testing needed. I have been working on glaze test-tiles which is a laborious but necessary process to check how the glazes work in the new environment. I am also mixing a bunch of new glazes to test, which is always exciting.