Monthly Archives: December 2012

winter landscape

Not much snow here so far this year. Just the storm that came with hurricane Sandy. We do get rain here in the forest during the year, and if it goes a couple of weeks without rain, people always start mentioning, “we sure could use some rain”, and “drought conditions,” which is funny having lived in LA where it really is a desert and it never rains except for about three weeks in January. Usually, during the winter it snows 5 or 6 times, several inches or more, or a blizzard, but our normal winter is has not happened this year yet. Snow or rain, we always have plenty of sun because it is never cloudy more than a couple of days and the sun comes out again. Not today.

Etsy anniversary

It has been one year since Julia Paul Pottery opened on Etsy!

It has been a great year with a lot of growth and I am so thankful to have so many great supporters. After starting from really just the absolute beginning, Julia Paul Pottery has grown to be in several shops on the East Coast, being featured on some great sites, and I am still happily chugging away to meet the demand for pottery in the shop (more pottery!). As the new year begins, I am starting to work on some new ideas and should have a bunch of new things out — new colors, some plates (hold on to your pearls!), and more one-of-a-kind pieces — coming out in the next few months. I could not ask for anything more!

where to find my pottery…

I am so thrilled that my work will be in the new Brahms Mount store located in Freeport, Maine. They have opened a new shop that includes American made housewares alongside their incredible blankets. Brahms Mount is one of the few remaining American textile manufacturing mills left in the US. They make amazingly beautiful, handmade luxury blankets made from all natural fibers. They originate design as well as weave on their looms all products in Maine, and have done so since 1982. The woven rolls are cut and sewn to product specifications then finished with designed edge treatments.

Check out their blog to find out more about how they make their hand woven blankets. Really interesting and really beautiful. If you are near Freeport, stop by for some lux blankets and see my bowls.