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what’s going on

Back from a brief vacation. It is wonderful and necessary to take a break.

It’s time for wholesale holiday ordering! Place an order by Sept 1 for a ship date for most orders before Nov. 10. I am happy to help you put together an order. Get those goodies in your shop before Thanksgiving!

Request a line sheet:

Burnt and Melty!

My kiln plug is melty and burnt!

Usually I unplug my kiln when each firing is done but still at peak temperature, but at my last firing I could not unplug the plug. It felt stuck. I thought it was just a fluke and just waited a couple of hours to try again. No problem! I basically forgot about it, did not recheck it — as I probably should have — and yesterday when I went to fire again, it was burnt and melty!! booooo. It will set me back several days to wait for the part, install a new plug, have the outlet checked, and maybe even get an additional breaker installed in order to avoid pulling out the plug so often, but hopefully I will be firing again by the weekend. I do have a lot of orders due and everything is extremely tight in the schedule, but hopefully no one is in the middle of a pottery emergency and everyone will be able to be flexible!

New stockist

Just sent a nice order to Fort Orange General Store, a small specialty shop in Albany’s Delaware Ave. neighborhood in Upstate New York. There you will find a curated selection of beautiful goods and gifts, with an emphasis on handmade, high quality, and design.

Thank you Fort Orange!

merci Elle Maison!

Thank you Elle Maison for featuring my salt cellar. Based in France, they support buying internationally in a nice article about Etsy and buying “at the other end of the planet.”

follow up

Having your own voice gives your work meaning. Here are more of my original designs that I have been making for years:

When artists rip-off other artists…

Let’s talk about integrity. For so long I have seen people talking about having their designs or work ripped off by other designers/makers. It is rampant. Especially since Etsy has become so popular, everyone is using it and has access to the most unique ideas around. Sometimes Etsy acts like a strange kind of feedback loop where they feature something interesting, people like the idea and start making similar items, Etsy thinks the idea is trending, features it more, and so on. Continue reading