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some new pots

I had a big deadline due yesterday, which involved getting a bunch of pots organized,  coupled with some extreme administration tasks. I am glad it is done, and will be able to say more about it later. In the mean time I have had a few really nice results come out of the kiln…


A bunch of big bowls were over fired in the kiln. It is always an interesting process to have so much anticipation for beautiful bowls, so much hope, and then when they turn out like crap, to detach and move on. I can be bothered and frustrated, or I can let it go and move on, or both. Now I have plenty of new big bowls to fix up into something nice. A new feeling of possibility.

The eagle has landed…

The first test-fire is complete. All went well, aside from an ill-fitting lid that should easily be fixed with some minor adjustments when everything has cooled down. Final temp on the firing was 2169 (!). I need to get some pots in there next. Then a glaze-test firing.

Slight, red-hot gap is visible when the heat expands the bricks, lifting the lid in front.

Me photographing the red-hot gap, wearing my nifty kaftan and sporting an alien, fun-house-mirror claw hand.