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I need an entourage

This would include: a personal assistant, house manager, publicist, housekeeper, cook, stylist (gotta look good), a couple of interns, etc. When things get really busy it would be a nice to break it all down and just focus on the conceptual matters, and just make things. Also, is there anyone who could please go to the dentist for me, and get some sleep for me?


Hurricane Fab will be featuring my work this Friday, 14, for 3 days. If you don’t already know, Fab is a mammoth sale site where design is king and where they feature everyday design products with limited quantities. The hurricane of preparation has been strengthening and is about to make landfall. Throwing, firing, SKU-ing, measuring, estimating, more throwing, firing, etc. It is a bit of a wild ride. So, my stuff will be there through the weekend and there will be some deals including one-of-a-kind items. Just sign in at and go shop yourself some great design or find my preview here.


freshening up

In the Midwest, you can say “neat up” when you want to tidy up and and make things nice. There is nothing like the feeling of cleaning or just a simple tidying. I like to rearrange the furniture and organize, it can be very satisfying to have a fresh look at things. Today I did some freshening up here on the website. The Photography and Pottery sections have been revamped and updated and they are so much easier to navigate. Sometimes WordPress is a little clunky and you have to adapt to the template. With that in mind, it is sometimes worth it just to keep it simple. Here is the revised Pottery section and here is the new Photography section.

New in my shop.

some new pots

I had a big deadline due yesterday, which involved getting a bunch of pots organized,  coupled with some extreme administration tasks. I am glad it is done, and will be able to say more about it later. In the mean time I have had a few really nice results come out of the kiln…


A bunch of big bowls were over fired in the kiln. It is always an interesting process to have so much anticipation for beautiful bowls, so much hope, and then when they turn out like crap, to detach and move on. I can be bothered and frustrated, or I can let it go and move on, or both. Now I have plenty of new big bowls to fix up into something nice. A new feeling of possibility.

Etsy front page

Pretty grouping of items, including one of my white bowls.

On another note, I was off work last week but back at it today. I am looking for a new white clay. The white I was using has too much grog (large, fired particles) in it, and I would like to find something smoother, creamier. I did try some new clay with a lovely texture, but after firing it turned out very yellow — like french vanilla — which is not what I am after. Hopefully I can get some samples in the next few weeks and find something that is both nice to throw with and beautiful to look at.