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My new note card line….

I am happy to introduce a new line of note cards featuring my Polaroid photography of the mountain forest of Virginia. The cards are printed on silky matte paper, blank inside with plenty of room for notes, and come with an envelope in a cellophane sleeve. Each forest scene is available in a 4-pack, or get a mixed set of four different cards, one for each season. They are great as a gift, or grab a couple of packs to send out for holiday greetings.

Available in the shop or on my website:

follow up

Having your own voice gives your work meaning. Here are more of my original designs that I have been making for years:

When artists rip-off other artists…

Let’s talk about integrity. For so long I have seen people talking about having their designs or work ripped off by other designers/makers. It is rampant. Especially since Etsy has become so popular, everyone is using it and has access to the most unique ideas around. Sometimes Etsy acts like a strange kind of feedback loop where they feature something interesting, people like the idea and start making similar items, Etsy thinks the idea is trending, features it more, and so on. Continue reading

New spring color way

Spring weather is creeping in here although the leaves are now full and green. In honor of the spring fog (pre-leaves) I have a new color way available in the shop. Soft sandy cream tan with a touch of yellow. Just a few things available so far, but there will be more to come.

Also, exciting announcement coming tomorrow morning, stay tuned!

Here are a few pictures from the forest.