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winter landscape

Not much snow here so far this year. Just the storm that came with hurricane Sandy. We do get rain here in the forest during the year, and if it goes a couple of weeks without rain, people always start mentioning, “we sure could use some rain”, and “drought conditions,” which is funny having lived in LA where it really is a desert and it never rains except for about three weeks in January. Usually, during the winter it snows 5 or 6 times, several inches or more, or a blizzard, but our normal winter is has not happened this year yet. Snow or rain, we always have plenty of sun because it is never cloudy more than a couple of days and the sun comes out again. Not today.

from the game cam…

We live in the forest and there is a game trail near our house where we have set up a game camera. We have been able to catch on film: turkeys, deer, lots of deer butts, many squirrels, a fox, possum, skunk. No bears yet. Turkeys are my favorite. I love their shape and those colors on the feathers!

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